Needs and Options Review

What is it?

The ‘Needs and Options Review’ is a low-commitment opportunity to begin the journey on your alteration or new build project at an early stage of development. It will answer the big picture questions about costs, the design and building process and give a fresh perspective to your project with a ‘road map’ of what you need to do next.

The first part comprises of a meeting with you at your site to explore your ideas and suggest potential options, and offers valuable expert advice at the front end of your project. The second part of the Needs and Options Review will guide and up-skill you with practical information on what to expect during your project, the likely costs, and explain the process.

The chance to meet on site and discuss your project.

Review your existing situation & needs. Bounce ideas, get suggestions and a fresh perspective on what your options could be. Often new ideas and directions come to life when YOUR knowledge of your site and OUR experience and creativity come together. This is often a great time to ask any questions you have about the process of design and building, what happens when? and gives you a no obligation chance to decide if we are the ‘right fit’ for each other before moving forward into the design phase.

A written outline brief and draft budget.

We will record your brief based on our meeting and prepare a high level budget of the likely scale of costs for your project – including approx construction costs, GST, consultants fees, and consenting costs.

Its all too common for many home owners to misjudge the costs of their complete ‘wish list’ – or ignore it completely only to find out once construction has started that their budget does not match their brief. Starting with a clear written ‘wish list’ and some time spent preparing a draft budget will avoid heart ache and stress later in the project.

A project specific road map of the next steps you need to take from here.

Considering the nature and scale of your potential project we will provide a project specific outline of the various design and building stages you will go through and what happens in each stage, upskilling you before you start so you know what to expect.

If there are things you can do now to gather information, or further research your project before you start designing we can highlight these, and in some cases provide you with reliable contacts to start the ball rolling.

Why do you need it?

The cost of exploring multiple ideas around the kitchen table 6 months to a year before the contractor turns up is exponentially cheaper than making even minor changes on site when things don’t go to plan, or worse finding yourself in a project you wish you hadn’t started. This is where an experienced designer adds value and your combined vision is born.

Investing in an Needs and Options Review well before your project has begun to taken shape will help to guide and explore your ideas. If you’re new to building then getting some guidance on the process of how everything comes together will not only save you time and money, but it will result in a far better building and be incredibly less stressful.

What does it cost?

The Needs and Options Review’ cost is $1295 incl GST.

We allow to travel roughly 30 minutes in any direction from our office, and spend up to 1 hour with you on site. If your project is something a little bit different, requires more time, or is further away feel free to give us a call to chat it through – we’ve travelled as far as The Gold Coast and The Kingdom of Tonga previously to undertake preliminary work. We love adventure – and we’d love to share yours!

If its worth doing, it is worth doing right – Give us a call to make an appointment or send us a request by email.

After the ‘Needs and Options Review’ what then?

If you think we would be a good fit to work together, and your ready to jump into the design phase and get started let us know, and as part of your ‘road map’ we can prepare a fee proposal for your consideration.











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