Our Services

Concept Design

In this first phase we gather all relevant information on your project. This involves an in-depth consideration of your site, your brief, the budget available, and your stylistic preferences - from here we are able to present back a creative and innovative solution to set an overall direction and tone for further detailed work.

The concept phase is about dreaming the dream with you and putting pen to paper to visualise whats likely been inside your head for some time.

We will also in this early phase be able to give you an indication of an appropriate budget, likely fees, and the professionals and processes required to see the project realised for you.

Developed Design

In this phase we move forward from initial concepts to 'develop' the chosen design into greater detail, considering more specific planning constraints, services, likely proposed materials, and and key detail elements and fixtures. Visualisations produced in this stage are able to be very accurate and help you to see what your finished project will actually look like.

In this phase we can even consider exact shadow positions for any time of the day or year on your site if needed, analyse key views from your home required, and make decisions on many if not all of the key elements which will be included in your finished building.

Resource Consent

Often a trialsome stage of both alteration or new build projects the 'red tape' or affectionately known 'resource consent' phase of your project can be looked after by us. In the early stages of the concept design phase we will have an understanding of what areas may require resource consent in your project and we can take the headaches out of this for you.

Resource consent put simply is required generally when you step outside the 'permitted' rules of your property zone. Its not necessarily a game stopper or brick wall, but more a hurdle or check point that needs some careful design and negotiation to proceed past. For you this might be as simple as an existing gutter being too close to a boundary, or wanting to build just a little bit higher or closer to a boundary than normal. In many cases this is a simple process to work through. Ask us to double check the requirements of your project early on if you have any known issues.

Detailed Design

This is often the most substantial part of the architectural process and is where we produce the detailed working drawings from which your builder and specialists will construct your project from. Applications for building consent from your local council are made with these detailed construction documents, and tenderable plans can be produced to obtain quotes from your builder.

Contract Admin / Site Observation

During construction we are able to visit your site at regular intervals to ensure correctness of work, answer queries, produce site details, and be your 'second set of eyes' on the project. As designers we are invariable the ones closest to your project to be able to pick up errors, and more importantly 'potential errors' - while they are still fixable at minimal cost.

Under a full service commission we can also seek quotes for your project, prepare building contracts on your behalf, and manage the contract and often complicated process of variations and changes through to hand over of the finished building and settlement of the final account.